Guia turístico do Departamento de Informação e Turismo, editado em inglês, sem data disponível. (1)

The Garden City of the Orient - EMBLEMA

Macau which is situated at the border with the People´s Republic of China, is a small and abundantly peaceful, 400-years-old Portuguese outpost in the South China Sea and is only 40 miles from Hong Kong. Although its 250,000 inhabitants are predominantly Chinese, Macau is Portuguese with a Chinese accent. There are only influence is recognised in continental architecture, Roman Catholic churches and shrines, language, government, military and police forces – and its delicious cuisine.
The Portuguese residents form a special group with intellectual interests of their own.
The same is true of the Chinese, who have their own theatre, opera, religion, and family traditions. Several newspapers, some in Portuguese and others in Chinese, and two broadcasting stations keep the city informed and entertained, but there is an evident integration of both communities…(…)

The Garden City of the Orient - DESENHO IThere is so much to be seen in Macau, that your visit can justifiably extend for several days: if your time is limited, an overnight stopover is recommended.


If you go hydrofoil, it is possible to “do” Macau in a one-day trip from Hong Kong. Experienced travelers recommend a more leisurely pace, and suggest a minimum of two days to get acquainted with the “Garden City of the Orient”. This is sound advice.”

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