Continuação da leitura do guia turístico do Departamento de Informação e Turismo, editado em inglês. (1)

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“Macau has no direct international transportation services. Heavy silting in the harbour prevents large ships from using it as a port of call and Macau´s position on the peninsula of the Communist China mainland prevents land approach. You an reach Macau from Hong Kong by hydrofoil or ferry.
By Hydrofoil: This revolutionary type of “commuter” service was inaugurated in 1964. Two companies provide a daily operation, with a total of nine hydrofoils linking Macau and Hong Kong. One company makes 17 round trips daily, by the Flying Albatross and Flying Skimmer, Flying Kingfisher, Flying Phoenix, Flying Swift and Flying Heron. The other company makes eight round trips daily, by the Guia and the Penha, the Coloane operating as a stand-by vessel, and at weekends. Jointly, the two independent companies provide a service at approximately half-hourly intervals throughout the day. The summer schedule provides a service from 7.45 a.m. to 6.30 p. m., in each direction. The fare is M $10, 00 (US$1.72) on weekdays, M $20, 00 (US$3.45) during weekends and holidays.
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By ferry: The ferries, Macau, Fat Shan, Tai Loy, and Takshing provide the traditional link between and Hong Kong, with daily runs of 3hrs, or 3hrs. and 30 min., each way, dependent upon the vessel. Food, drink, and air-conditioned cabins are available. A passenger departing in the late evening from Hong Kong can sleep aboard until reaching Macau. Fares, one way, per person, are: first class (no stateroom) M $10 (US$1.72); single stateroom M $25 (US$4.31); double stateroom M $40 (US $6.90).
Please note that “M” means Macau currency

(1)   Macau – The Garden City of the Orient -. Information and Tourism Department, s/ data, 30 p., 19 cm x 12,7 cm