Para ilustrar a descrição dos locais de interesse turístico de Macau no folheto turístico de 1928 (1) o autor apresenta duas fotografias da Gruta de Camões (2) com a seguinte nota:
a-vistors-handbook-to-romantic-macao-gruta-de-camoes-iTHE GROTT OF THE POET CAMOENS is formed by a group of granite boulders situated in the grounds of the gardens bearing the poet´s name. This is one of the most interesting of the many sights of Macao. These gardens, as well as the bronze busto f the poet, are a tribute offering to the memory of Portugal´s immortal bard by the late Senhor Lourenço Marques, na ardente admirer of the great poet´s writings. Tradition has it that the famous Portuguese poet wrote some cantos of his immortal poem, The Lusiad, is this very place.
Surrounding the pedestal on which the bus tis placed, mortised into boulders, are several slabs of granite engraved with tributes from the masterly pens of Sir John Bowring, Rienzi, Sir John Davis and others – in several tongues.