Em 22 de Junho de 1935, a Academia de Amadores de Teatro e Música promoveu, na sua sede, um recital do barítono Serafim Strelkoff . (1) (2)

(1) GOMES, Luís G. -Efemérides da História de Macau, 1954.

(2) Notícia da presença do barítono russo em Singapura, extraída de “Malaya Tribune, 27 September 1935, p. 13”

Known as “The Singing Globe-Trotter”, Mr. Serafim Strelkoff has arrived in Singapore. He is a Russian baritone, and according to notices from many parts of the world he has a voice of splendid quality. Mr. Strelkoff was in Hollywood until early last year, and then decided to start off on a world tour on his own account. He has appeared all over America and in China and Japan, having a great reception everywhere. On Sunday evening he will be heard at the Sea View Hotel, where a special Russian concert will be given. Next Friday he will sing at the American Association luncheon and at Tanglin Club in the evening.” https://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/newspapers/digitised/issue/maltribune19350927-1

“Union Hi-Life”, October 1940, Vol. 10, Number 6, p. 3