Dois postais, com as mesmas dimensões: 17,8 cm x 12,5 cm, impressos em Hong Kong, com fotografias de Wong Wai Hong. Legendas em chinês e inglês.

MCO-001     媽閣廟 (1) Ma Gao Temple     Macau

Verso do postal MCO-001

Pagode da Barra

Ma Gao Temple – A temple founded 500 years ago is dedicated to the Goddess of Sea Ma Gao. A legend tells that the first Portuguese arrival when asking for the name of the place was misunderstood by the locals for the name of the temple. The city was hence named “Macau” after the name of the temple “Ma Gao”.“

COM-051     媽祖聖像 (2) Statue of A-Ma     Macau
Verso do postal COM-051

Estátua da Deusa A-Má

Statue of A-Ma – The statue of Goddess of Sea in Alto de Coloane is designed by artist Leong Man Nin and is carved from Chinese white jade – then world´s highest white jade statue at 19, 99 m.”

(1) 媽閣种廟mandarim pīnyīn: mā gé zhǒng miào; cantonense jyutping: maa2 gok3 cung4 miu6 (2) 媽祖聖像mandarim pīnyīn: mā zǔ shèng  xiàng; cantonense jyutping: maa2 zou2 sing3zoeng6