Sobre o tancar e as tancareiras de Macau (1) – extraído do Capítulo VI (pp. 140-141) “Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan; Performer in the year 1952, 1953, 1954. Under the command of Comodore M. C. Perry, US Navy. Edited 1956 “ (2)

Tanka Boat, Macao

“The harbor is not suitable for large vessels, which anchor in Macao roads, several miles from the town. It is, however, though destitute of every appearance of commercial activity, always enlivened by the fleet of Tanka boats which pass, conveying passengers to and fro, between the land and the Canton and Hong Kong steamers. The Chinese damsels, in gay costume, as they scull their light craft upon the smooth and gently swelling surface of the bay, present a lively aspect, and as they looked upon in the distance, from the verandahs above the Praya, which command a view of the bay, have a fairy-like appearance, which a nearer approach serves, however, to change into a more substantial and coarse reality.” (p. 140)

Tanka Boat Girl
Chinese Woman and Child, Macao


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