Mais dois postais (16,3 cm x 11,4 cm) da colecção produzido por “Tak Lee Trading Co” (P. O. Box 926 Macau) (1)

M 9413
M 9413 – verso

M 9404
Templo de Kún Iâm / Kum Iam Tong Temple
廈觀音堂 (2)M 9404 – verso

“Temple of Kun Iam. The original temple was built more than 600 years ago. This was the place where, in 1844, the first treaty of trade and friendship was signed between China and USA. There´s a small gold lacquer statue depicting Marco Polo (one of the 18 wise men of China) with bulging round eyes, a largish nose , a moustache and a small curly beard. And the famous “lovers tree” (Macau, travel trade handbook 1984)
(2) 廈 觀音堂 – mandarim pīnyīn: xià guān yīn táng; cantonense jyutping: haa6 gun1 jam1 tong4