Mais dois postais (n.º 7 e n.º 8) da colecção de 10 postais intitulada “Ten Scenic Spots of Macau”, uma colecção especial emitida na ocasião da transferência de Macau, em 1999. (1)
Postal n.º 7 –“Macau Gate”
“Macau Gate was built in 1870 which was Triumphal  arch style construction-. It was the only entrance to China by land. Travellers always visit the gate. This means taht they almost travelled the Mainland China” (2)

Verso do postal n.º 7

Postal n.º 8 – “Leal Senado”
There are many constructions which have European style in Macau. Leal Senado i sone of them. This was built in 1784. There is an archive on the second floor whith newspapers and documents dating back to 1820” (3)

Verso do postal n.º 8

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