Saco comercial de cor verde, de 40, 5 cm x 25,5 cm de dimensões, da Direcção dos Serviços de Turismo com o mesmo design em ambos os lados do saco comercial que publiquei em 30-03-2013, (1) da década de 80 (século XX) com a mensagem a preto, mas em inglês.

The past is present.”
Num dos lados como em (1) além da mensagem, o mapa de Macau e Ilhas englobando Hong Kong, Kowloon, parte do sul de Guangdong (Guanzhou) e o Rio das Pérolas.
No outro lado, uma impressão a preto da fachada do S. Paulo, como em (1)  com os dizeres em inglês:

In 1620  the Japanese gave us our sermon in stone.
St.Paul´s has been called a sermon in stone. I tis a moving sermon from another time. Look closely and you´ll see European saints, beside Chinese dragons and Japanese chrysanthemums carved in the the stone.
Today our great stone sermon is a symbol of the first meeting of East and West. I tis Macau.
Wander our streets, you´ll see history all around you.
Quiet cobblestone courtyards splashed with bounainvillea.
Old fortresses with silent cannon that have fired on pirate and invader. Crimson Chineses temples, pastel Portuguese churches and a sense of history you can feel.
And you can shop for antiques as old as Macau. Dine at restaurants that feature our unique cuisine with dishes from old Portugal or old China. Sample our Portuguese wines. Visit our border gate and take a day trip into China.
It takes justa na hour by jetfoil from Hong Kong to travel centuries back-in time.
Visit us soon.”