Fotos publicados no suplemento do «Diário de Notícias” de 1980, “MACAU / 澳門/OU MUN” (1)

Farol da Guia

“GUIA LIGHTHOUSE – First beam for mariners here on the China Coast. That finger of light has been piercing  the gloom for more than a century.Gives a bearing for fishermen, ferries and freighters, no matter whither bound” (2)

Porta do Cerco

“PORTA DO CERCO – That´s Barrier Gate to you!. Justa cross the way is China. No cameras please. It´s rural peace and that´s the way we like it in Macau .People come and go with meat and vegetables, metal and cement for our people and our new homes” (2)
(2) “Discovering Macau” in “Macau –Garden City of the Orient” (1966) Ver anterior referência em: