Para ilustrar os locais de interesse turístico de Macau, no folheto turístico de 1928 (1) o autor apresenta a fotografia do túmulo do Dr. Robert Morrison (2) no antigo cemitério dos protestantes, (3) com a seguinte nota:
a-vistors-handbook-to-romantic-macao-protestant-cemeteryTHE PROTESTANT CEMETERY – There are two Protestant Cemeteries in Macao. One is situated opposite Montanha Russa, on the way to Porta do Cerco, the other is close to Camoens´s Gradens. In this latter cemetery are interred, amongst others, the remains of:
GEORGE CHINNERY – Celebrated painter, whose pictures hang in the National Gallery , London – 1852.
Lord HENRY JOHN SPENCER CHURCHILL, R. N. – Commander of H. M. S. Druid – 1836.
EDMUND ROBERTS – U. S. A. Diplomatic Agent who concluded various friendly and comercial treaties for his country – 1843.
SIR HUMPHREY S. FLEMING SENHOUSE – Commander of the Brotish feleets in the China Seas – 1841.
The tiny chapel in the grounds is the Protestant place of Sunday worship and was recently built to replace na older one which had fallen into ruin.”
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