Para ilustrar a descrição dos locais de interesse turístico de Macau nomeadamente dos templos chineses, no folheto turístico de 1928 (1) o autor apresenta a fotografia do Templo de Á-Má (Má Kok Miu – 媽閣廟 ) (2) com a seguinte nota:
a-vistors-handbook-to-romantic-macao-temple-of-a-maTHE CHINESE TEMPLES – The visitor to Macao is struck with the number of Chinese temples of Macao. Of modest proportions and not comparable with the elegante pagodas in other parts of China, the temples at Macao are, nevertheless, interesting to visitors and well worth visiting. Principall among these is the Ma Ko Temple at Barra, dedicated by Chinese seamen to their deity, A-Ma, the patroness of the “men who go down to the sea in ships”. This temple is of great antiquity. Other temples and shrines on the outskirts of the city, and some even inside the city itself, are all old, and have associated with the legends and fables.That of Lin Fung (3)  not far from the Barrier Gate, is noted for thestone on which an emblem was carved to commemorate the establishment of the sovereignty of Macao by Governor Ferreira do Amaral in 1848.
(3) Templo Lin Fong – Templo de Lotus – 蓮峯廟