Finalização da leitura Capítulo I do artigo escrito em 1845-1846, “China and the Chinese” referente à «descrição de Macau, suas igrejas e edifícios públicos, gruta de Camões e cemitério inglês» publicado no “Dublin University Magazine”, 1848. (1)(2)(3)

Vue de Macau 1845 LAUVERGNEVue de Macao : Chine (ca 1845)
LAUVERGNE, Barthélemy, 1805-1871 (4)

Amongst the Portuguese, indolence and inactivity were but too evident, while the Chinese were occupied with their usual energy. The majority of the lower orders of the Portuguese inhabitants are natives of Goa, whose European blood has become almost extinct, from the intermarriages of many generations with natives and half-castes. The extreme ugliness of theses degenerate representatives of Portugal, scarcely admits of description. They are of low stature, and broad, with amazingly large hands and splay feet. They have coarse, curly, and woolly, black hair , dingy black skin, with large, goggle, black eyes, and eye-lids red with ophthalmia, no eye-lashes, bushy eye-brows, low, scowling brows, flat noses, half the width of their faces, wide mouths, and enormously thick lips. Hideous as the men are, I fear I must be ungalant enough to say, the women are ten times worse; or, as a French gentleman said to me: “Vraiment elles sont lades à fait peur.”
The fair sex, by courtesy, amongst this lower class, dress themselves in exceedingly gaudy-coloured cotton dresses. Over their heads and shoulders they throw a Spanish mantilla or scarf, made of highly-glazed cotton, and of colours equally showy with their gowns. The patterns and glazing of these mantillas remind one forcibly of English bed curtains. They cross and re-cross their mantillas over their black-busts, which are unprovided with corsets, roll about their goggle eyes, ad, in short, perform all the air and graces of a Spanish beauty is a most ludicrously caricature manner. The men of this class dress in European fashion. There are some Portuguese families of high respectability residing in Macao; and the upper classes observe, as in Portugal, the Europen style of dress; the personal appearance of many of them is a distinguished for beauty as in Europe.

NOTA: Para realçar, coloquei a negrito, em itálico, a descrição dos “macaenses”, feito pelo autor.
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