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Souvenir de Macau 1910 Praia GrandePRAIA GRANDE

“One of the most enchanting scenes in Macao is that of this beautiful bay, quiet and graceful sweep of sea wall and rows of houses rising up the gentle slopes and the ancient forts and modern public buildings dotted here and there, while behind all rise the Mountains of Lappa and to the right those beyond the Barrier. All descriptions are imperfect; some fail from an attempt to liken this beautiful little gem with another world-renowned spot, the Bay of Naples.” (2)

Souvenir de Macau 1910 Palácio das RepartiçõesO PALÁCIO DAS REPARTIÇÕES

“About the centre of the Praya Grande is situated the building now occupied as Government Offices. It is one of the finest and largest buildings on the Praya Grande; and was for many years the residence of the Governors. Sr. Roza transferred his gubernatorial dwelling to the fine Cercal Palace, further along, which is now the Government House of Macao; and the Judicial Department and that of the Junta de Tazenda were moved into the former head-quarters of the Governor. As sufficient space room for the department of the Procurator of Chinese Affairs was found in this same building, it was moved from its old office, a house belonging to the old convent of Santa Clara.” (2)

 Souvenir de Macau 1910 Palácio do GovernoO PALÁCIO DO GOVERNO

“The Governor’s town residence is on the Praya Grande and is a fine building. One of the most striking features about the public buildings in Macao is the clean state in which they are kept, affording often a striking contrast to those in Hongkong: it is a pleasure to the eye to rest on the former. The Chinese even note the difference and animadvert on those in Hongkong. This building was bought from the Baron do Cercal” (2)
(2) BALL, J. Dyer – Macao: the Holy City,  the Gem of the Orient Earth, 1905.