Outro desenho a lápis de Macau, do álbum da colecção Duarte de Sousa,  do livro: “Macau, Cidade do Nome de Deus na China”, sem nome do autor, mas referenciado como do ano de 1831-1832. (1)

Macau Cidade do Nome de Deus na China The Pena Church The Peña Church. Macao.

A Colina e a Igreja da Penha (2)

 HERMITAGE OF PENHA (descrição de J. Dyer Ball, em 1905):
Though the city his now grown up to this small church yet when it was first erected it was so far out in the country as to merit the name of hermitage. An old writer thus describes it:
          On the western hill, denominated Nillau, the Augustine friars began (1662) the Hermitage of Penha “Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Penha de Franca” devotees enlarged it in 1624. Portuguese ships going into the harbour are ac- customed to salute the hermitage with a few guns. Its revenue depends upon the liberality of individuals and on promises sea-faring people occasionally make in an hour of distress, to acknowledge by gratuities the favour which they think the Virgin Mary bestowed upon them, in preserving their lives and property. (3)

(1)Ver anteriores “posts”
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(3) Sobre este autor e referência ao livro, ver: