Continuação da leitura do guia turístico do Departamento de Informação e Turismo, editado em inglês. (1)

The Garden City of the Orient - EMBLEMA“For travellers visiting Macau who wish to make tour arrangements, there are ten independent tour operators who function under the franchise of the Macau Government.
These tour operators provide multi-lingual guides who speak Portuguese, English, several Chinese dialects and Japanese. They will also plan the essentials of your visit to Macau, including transportation, wining and dining, sightseeing and night life. …(…)…
All the principal places of sightseeing interest in Macau are readily accessible by taxi or pedicab. You can hire a car and a guide for a short tour, which includes lunch, for an overall expenditure of M $65, 00 (US$11.50); or, for a longer tour, with breakfast and lunch included, M $85, 00 (US $15, 00)

The Garden City of the Orient - DESENHO 4

“Your sightseeing venture begins with the 40-mile voyage to Macau from Hong Kong. After passing through a labyrinth of islands once active with pirates, you skirt the hilly mainland coast of Communist China. High above on a winding roadway you can detect cars and trucks but not their destination villages. Bellow, however, you see craft-dotted coves with bread sandy beaches that are alive with fishing activity of water people. All along the way you are concious of the tremendous trade and commercial fishing carried on by Chinese junks which ply the coastal waters. The whole scene has colour and excitement that is rare for even the most experienced of travellers.”

(1)   Macau – The Garden City of the Orient – Information and Tourism Department, s/ data, 30 p., 19 cm x 12,7 cm
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